Web Presence Package

Our Web Presence Package is the best solution for businesses that are new to the Internet and only require a basic store front to provide visitors with information such as location, hours, prices, etc.

For a limited time our Web Presence Package is only $250.00!

This package includes:

FREE 1-year registration of a unique domain name (yourbusiness.com)

We will purchase a domain name for you under our account at GoDaddy.com*. We will be listed as technical contacts, but the domain will be owned by you. It's your business, your name. Unlike some other design firms, we feel we have no right to claim your domain name! If, at anytime, you wish to transfer your site, the domain name will go with you.

The design and creation of 1 static web page

  • Includes necessary graphics and photographs

    We can scan and use any logos, graphics, or photographs that you may already have or we can take photos and create any necessary graphics (business logo design not included).

  • Includes web page copy

    We can use any copy (text - words and information) that you write yourself, or may already use for other advertising or we can help write your web copy for you.

  • The page and all its elements become your property

    Your website will be copyrighted by your business and the rights to all works created will be transferred to you.

Custom error page

We will create a customized error page so that instead of the generic 404 error - file not found - page, all errors will display a page branded by your business with a link to your home page.

Custom favorite icon

We will create a customized favorite icon that will be displayed in the address bar of visitors browsers. Thus, if your site is bookmarked or added to a favorites list, the icon will be displayed next to your link.

FREE hosting of your website for 1 year

  • We can upload your site to our account and host your site for an entire year.
  • No extra monthly charges for hosting!
  • No set-up fees!
  • We currently use the award winning and very reliable hosting service of GoDaddy.com*.

One forwarding catch-all email address

  • Any email sent to your domain can be forwarded to your personal email address. This means that email sent to anything@yourbusiness.com can be delivered to any email account that is convenient for you.
  • Additional email forwarding addresses are available but are not included in this package.
  • Real email addresses are available but are are not included in this package.

After your website is up and running, we will submit your site to the top search engines and local directories so that your customers will be able to find your website.

FREE minor maintenance

For the entire time that your site remains hosted with us, we will:

  • Periodically perform maintenance checks for such things as broken links or lost files and graphics.
  • Perform simple needed changes to your site such as changing contact information or price lists.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation!

*The web host provider and/or domain registrar stated is not guaranteed to be the hosting service and/or domain registrar we use for the entire time that we are hosting your website. We reserve the right to change web host providers and/or domain registrars without notice.